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Message Board Tips

Do be polite and treat others with respect.

Do read what you've just typed before you click on "post". It sounds obvious, but…

Do use punctuation and paragraphs. Big blocks of text are hard to read.

Do give as much information as you can if you're asking a technical question.

Do try and make the subject line meaningful. "Video of old bikes" is a much more useful subject line than "Hey! Check this out!".

Do label a post as "Off Topic" or "O/T" if it hasn't really got much to do with motorcycling. And try and limit the number of off-topic posts you make in a day.

Do steer clear of religion and politics. Just because we're all using the same message board, it doesn't necessarily follow that we all have the same view of the world. This is a classic bike site; if you want to get something off your chest, there are better places to do it.

Do use the message board to praise good service. If someone has done a good job for you, they deserve the publicity.

Do hold the "shift" key down while clicking on links in messages. This'll open the linked page in a new window so that you can easily come back to the message board.

Do think twice about entering your email address. You don't need to if you don't want to.


Don't worry too much about spelling and grammar, especially if English isn't your first language.

Don't type your whole message in UPPERCASE. It makes it look as though you're shouting.

Don't get dragged / lured into personal arguments. Discuss the issues, not the personalities.

Don't try and use irony or sarcasm in messages. You're likely to be misunderstood and taken seriously.

Don't reply to a post by starting a new thread, however old the original thread is. A lot of people use the "Notify me by email" feature to know when their post has received a reply.

Don't post messages to tell people that you have emailed them. Why not phone them up and tell them that you've emailed them instead? (Joke)

Don't use the message board to publicise our competitors. This particularly includes other classic bike websites and magazines; we're trying to earn a living here…

Don't use the message board to complain about poor service from a supplier. Contact them first, and then go to trading standards / the police / your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Don't use the board to advertise things that would be better off on our Classified pages.

Don't post links to "adult" content without also posting a warning. A lot of people access this board from work and we don't want to get anyone in trouble.

Don't forget: the laws of libel apply on the internet. If you feel someone has posted something illegal let us know and we will deal with it as quickly as we can.


"Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obeyance of fools."

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